JOINTo our crew

Office job

Like a duck to water!


We are a creative crew that draws from a sea of ideas!
office work.

Production job

As happy as a clam at high water


We do not throw new employees into the deep water,

we teach them to swim first!

Warehouse job

Everybody at the helm!


Each of us is the captain of his or her own ship,

because we have a responsibility!


Internship and apprenticeship

We are fishing for talents


We give you the rod, not the fish!

With us you will develop your potential!

This ishow we do it

We are a trustworthy employer and at the same time the undisputed leader among companies producing fish products, salads, spreads and ready meals. Lisner stands for both many years of tradition and innovative technologies. This combination guarantees products of the highest quality, satisfaction of our customers and, for us - the employees - job satisfaction.



We are transparent. We can be ourself here. We are transparent in communication, procedures, information, strategy, etc. We are transparent and authentic in our actions.



We are creative and innovative in my work. We work with passion and drive. We innovatively address the needs of our consumers. We have the courage to propose our solutions and improvements.



We cooperate. We exchange information. We support each other. We build relationships and trust. We are goal and relationship oriented. We build partnerships.



We are proactive and responsible. We take matters into our own hands. We are accountable for our actions. We are entrepreneurial within the entrusted area of activity.



We respect ourselves, others & our sustainable planet. We accept and provide feedback. We respect other perspectives and views. We appreciate, thank and celebrate our successes. We respect our own and others' time. We respect otherness and diversity - everyone can be here. We are kind/ friendly to each other.